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About Termites
Subterranean Termites are highly social insects that live and work in colonies. It has a highly organized system of dividing functions and tasks within the colony which is refer to its castes. The basic castes in a colony are queens, kings, alates, soldiers and workers.

Effective subterranean termite control relies on knowledge of their foraging and nesting habits.
Common Habitat
  • Subterranean termites must have constant access to water. Most species build their nests in moist environment.
  • Mud tubes are built up from the ground during their random foraging in order to sustain the moisture.
Feeding Habit
  • Feed on cellulose based material
Living Behavior
  • Social insects, living in an organized colony and have a clearly defined role for each individual.
  • Foraging for food randomly and continuously and lay down pheromone trail when successfully forage to lead the nestmates to the food source and aid them back to their nest.
  • Release defence and attack pheromones to send alarm signals to their nestmates.
  • Usually foraging within 15-20 linear meter side way from the colony.
Harmful Cause
  • Damage to Structures. Termite infestation could compromise the structural integrity of a building
  • Damage to Other Property. Termites do not just feed on wood but cellulose based material. There have even been report of termite damaging plastic or lead sheathings of underground cables and even money.
  • Cause economic losses in Agriculture Plantation especially oil palm tree in Malaysia